Sheet offset dies

Sheet offset die

Sheet-metal cutting die with a max. blade height of 0.800mm +/- 3 microns, maximum die size B1. The die shown is for clamping using a rail adapter.

Quick-clamping rails

For sheet machines with a quick-clamping rail mechanism cutting dies are automatically fitted with rails in our production plant.


These cutting tools are specially designed for use in standard sheet-type offset machines.
Cutting, perforating, creasing or stamping can be done inline together with the print.

Because they are produced on special CNC machines these cutting blades have minimum tolerances and any high quality type can be produced completely without limitations. All types of sheet materials up to 0.4 mm thick can be cut plus high-quality splitting of self-adhesive materials.

The sheet-metal cutting die is clamped, instead of the offset blanket, to the printing or varnishing tower. Quick-clamping rails (metal sheets have rails), clamping adapters (e.g. the Adast/Polly machine) are used for clamping or the fluted edge on the metal sheet (for clamping with conventional rails).

The counter-pressure cylinder has a protective metal sheet that has a two-sided adhesive tape on one side to protect it.
Assemble according to our instructions for guaranteed quick and safe installation and use.







  • Suitable for the following machines:
    Heidelberger, Man Roland, KBA, Komori, Ryobi, etc.
  • Size of protection plate:
    1000x700 – 700x500 – 500x350mm, thickness 0,30mm
  • Size of underlying pad:
    1000x700 – 700x500 – 500x350mm, thickness 1,00mm
  • Blade height according to the thickness of the material:
    Standard 0,50 - 0,60 - 0,80mm.
  • Quality offset dies: STANDARD or LASER for use with long life.Of course, we also provide flexible dies for other offset systems (the magnetic foil, system CITO etc...